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Portal MMORPG Games [Jan. 6th, 2011|05:32 pm]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
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Content where the hell is it. [May. 11th, 2006|12:41 pm]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

Gah....I have found myself at the end of DND gaming now. Sadly too. The combat system ...the instances are great.

But I feel this game was half ass released. Far too soon also.
I have lvl 8 pala barb and lvl 6 ranger last time I played.

THe game has the right stuff but the game seems to be put out on only a foundation with no structure built ontop. Foundation was good...but the utter lack of content to make this a long term play game is not there.

The game seriously needs a lot more quests.....a lot more items... and they need to stop being dumb and incorporate crafting....auctions...bazaaring....and overland travel areas to xp on vs just instances... MOst other mmorpgs like wow daoc ffxi focus on grinding to level with some instanced content....here dnd is all instance with no grinding.

Well they really need to ditch this project and make another....make it as huge as baldurs gate 1 2 3 put together (world depth wise). Allow there to be grind just make grouping better xp. To encourage grouping.

Sadly I must say this game is only a good "SECONDARY" game to play...I wouldnt make this a primary mmorpg to play. Hell the monthly fee isnt even worth it. Not with the content it has so far.

GOod luck to any future dnd online player who reads this. IM off to warcraft again till Vanguard arrives.
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when I come back [Apr. 3rd, 2006|10:08 am]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
After vacation Ill be posting guild screen shots and stuff!!

The dragon will be here soon also!!!! Yay!!! Ill be sure to take shots of all the wipes we get into^^
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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2006|03:16 pm]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |busy]

Too damn busy to post anything today....and vacation in a few days....oh well.
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LvL4 Group PWNS ALL!!!!!!! [Mar. 28th, 2006|03:26 pm]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |impressedimpressed]

Delera’s Tomb Pwned by Lvl 4 party….heheh really its true!!


I tell yah what I have never been so impressed by a pick up group in a long time.  They happily listened to my suggestions then made me leader. (doh1!!)  well I guess I could though I hate it.


We started in step 1 Deleras Tomb and proceeded inside.  Now I tested tactics I have never done and I also am the only guy in party who has done this quest about 6 times. One player did it once.  I had ZERO absolutely ZERO resistance towards my leadership. (shocked!!)


Well I was sure to compliment the teamwork often. It was that good.  Melee pealing hate off squishy targets…Melee charging the casters first.  It worked out very well.

The tuff areas where I have seen groups get shredded some were handled with ease…BY a Buncha lvl 4’s!!  My team followed every suggestion to the letter.  Assist killing when it was called for….or run around agro grabing before focusing on kills. It was cool to see happen.

I rarely gave out any orders..Just pep talks per tuff points. And all went very very well.  We completed Deleras Tomb without one Wipe or even Partial wipes.


Well feeling ballzy we do the Necromancer Quest.  LvL 8 !! We adventured deep and had to dodge or pray through traps …since our thief or us were not in level range to deal with them.  We wiped One time and One Time only.   But the group spirit didn’t even shutter.
I made sure to rally cry….Fuck yes we may have wiped but look at this LvL 4 party got this deep !!  I hear cheers and excitement and more determination in there voices or typing ….we are even more focused now.  We finally open all door switches and proceed to the final fight.

I sure wanted to make this one good and memorable for first timers. So I decided to sit back on this as tank….and made my barbarian happy.

Tanks got lightning resistance and I said “barbarian” you are the man for this. He was shocked^^  I just said Rage and Uncanny dodge..and make the Necro Know what Barbs can do !!! He was so pumped after that….


I open the gate and BLAMO the Dwarf Barbarian with Great Axe goes in ballz to the wall!!!   Necro died fairly fast and that resistance made a difference.

We complete the final (optional step to the storyline).  And it was awesome to see and hear the joy of the accomplishment.  I made sure they knew that Ive commanded lvl 7 parties and they were the best group I have ever had the pleasure of leading.  Very happy memorable moment for us all.

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Why All Gamers should buy Febreeze. [Mar. 27th, 2006|11:26 am]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |amusedamused]

How often do you pass gas in one place durring gaming? A whole fucking lot. WHen your chair smells like yesterdays fart its time for febreeze!! =p
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My first dumb group. [Mar. 27th, 2006|09:54 am]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |grumpygrumpy]

Its Monday!!! (I hate this day of all days).  Anyway the weekend went well.  I didn’t do very many things on the main since grouping with guild was limited to real life interruptions. 

I did level the paladin to lvl 4 finally and enjoying there party benefits they bring.  Aura of Good and Aura of Courage enhances do help survival. I really liked the fact im not a some healer buff bot in plate like Warcraft.  Im actually a main tank.  The armor bunus,ability to flash heal, saving throw bonus and immunity to fear makes you a great Alpha Strike initiator…that means the first one all 10 mobs agro and attacks on initial contact. The switch puller guy who gets all the attacks at once…Shielded up and wearing Adamantite Full plate Plus2 ,Audamantite Shield plus 2 , and auras….I can take a beating.


Now the Dumb Party:

Really no fault of one person just very bad leadership who wouldn’t listen to experienced members (several of us) who advised on our mission.  His way only was his attitude.  Very bad leadership.  What made me go bonkers is Thelkar my guild buddy had problems with the group I had no clue about. I entered the party unknowingly to the bad formula going.  Thelkar a good leader is now in a pick up group being led by a moron. Bad combo already.  We were in Redwillow and as a guild we have wiped that place without a problem and had a strategy that made it go smooth and fast.   Did the Group Leader listen to our suggestions…Hell No he just blew us off with some lazy excuse why we were doing things his way.   Well I am very well irritated at this point. With bad leadership and half the party being dumb sheep following him blindly.  Thelkar dies in a location where he should have never died.  Im busy as point man with 6 scorpions on me….the warrior assisting me with 2 hander weapon was busy also helping me….minus the cleric did anyone else in the party support thelkar..Fuck no….they wandered ahead ignoring the problems with the scorpion….For example: The rogue would wander way ahead and open chests…number one hes lower level..number two his charisma blows. So every pre opened chest had shit loot …to top it off he would NEVER support the healers in trouble by backstabbing and tumbling the mobs around…..I can only tank so much and the fighter backing me up can only do so much.

The final blow was made when Thelkar died for no good reason…the morons wouldn’t grab agro and run it through webs 5 feet away…nor backup squishy targets when they needed it.  Thelk left the party pissed.  I saw that as my way out and said fuck it…my healer is gone …which was true ..he loads repair just for me..cause He knows I get all the agro I can^^ and im suicidal barbarian. 

The end result is I havn’t had a chance to talk with Thelkar…I believe he was seeing too much anger and misunderstood me on the way outa the party….and thinks I was insulting him. (assumption)  Now I gota clear the air with him. I was backing him up vs the leader….when he released I wasn’t expecting it…..and asked where he went…got a very nasty reply and said “don’t take your shit out on me”…but honestly…..thats the truth. 

Weve all been there and said dumb shit during our rage moments.  So hopefully he understands that I am not angry but let down by him.  I expected more credit on my end.  Small drama but still it sucked to deal with.


Well what ever…I still played my other character and had a blast.  But surely that was the biggest moron party I have ever been in. A leader who was not accomidating his other team mates and wanted total control and have things his way.   That isn’t how teams work ….so glad that usually I end up leader 90% of the time in Pick up groups.  Cause I always wait on my team…give people breaks, and when decisions need to be made I ask the group for input.

Leadership for those who are unsure: You think of your team…not yourself.  Don’t be a Tyrant but be firm.  Take control if someone plays power struggle with you. Don’t lettem get an inch.  Party with leadership fights becomes a problem.  You can prevent this by always letting your members make decisions by taking census of what party should do >…go east or west?  Team works by communication and A leader MUST communicate a lot.  Morale can be easily crushed if the leader doesn’t lead by example.  People will follow a good leader through hell and back no matter how tuff the dungeons are.  A bad leader loses members. Think about that next time you lead a group.   You cant boss people only suggest.  You cant be closed to suggestions. Consider them. Discuss.

By god make people laugh and Joke….I do. Hell I do crazy shit for fun…I call it My “Fuck it charge”…..did that last night and it was fun and funny. I just said hmmm this looks like a Barb Fuck it charge moment..I hear chuckling and boom there I go full raged and hearing omg lol he did charge …heheheh.


I dunno but having fun is only fun when others share it with you. Try to remember that when you are having fun. Spread the joy it rubs off as fast as Negativity does….a good laugh is an amazing tool as leader.

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Casual night [Mar. 24th, 2006|09:51 am]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |pleasedpleased]


Taking the new guys out for an adventure was pretty fun.  We decided to revisit Delera’s tomb  on Hard difficulty and filled slots with two new players.    Now I am sure they felt very reluctant till they realized..”Whoa your all guildies”.


We entered this dungeon and ofcourse me the stupid barbarian forgot his way around.   We enter the tomb and from the outside it didn’t look so big.  Hearing Gary Gygax’s nerdy voice DM part of the beginning made me cringe….dunno what terrified me more….the undead or his voice.   Well we mashed our way through with ease..new guys trailing us tanks.   We really made this look very easy. 


Later into the dungeon we hit a rough spot…first to die was me.  But That was all my fault ….we open the door to a long stairwell leading deeper into the crypt.  No mobs just open wide path down…I felt there was traps so I decided to barb it out.  That means I hit Rage and Unccanny dodge…and said “Fuck it” and ran down….  Unlike Indiana Jones, Every Blade trap binged against my Adamantite Armor ….it sounded like a sword fight but the sword was the size of a Lincoln Town car and I was the chunk of metal getting Binged….6-7 blades across the head later….Im at the bottom of the stairs (guildies laughing at me)  with 70 out of 137 hp left ….I felt like I accomplished something. Survived a swarm of killer traps. 


Letting MY guard down 2 Wight Priests and 2 Armor Wights decide to unstealth and nuke the holy crap out of me.  I try to back up to be in repair range of Thelkar…but I got in range alright and it was right ONTOP of the blade trap.
This time it critical hit me and knocked me down to 2 hp.  Boy was I in deep shit .


 Now after I get raised and we continue forward.  Mecca and I mow down almost every obstacle with great support from Odraek,Glow  and Thelkars nukes and holds and repairs made things go smoothly.  Undead bane weapons for  the win !!!  Too bad I broke my mace 75% into the dungeon.

Was a great night …it ended in a Helmet fashion show outside of Wizardly show of House J  lol…spent an hour exchanging head gear to see who looked sexy in what helmet lol.

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Here is your ass back Kargan. [Mar. 23rd, 2006|12:27 pm]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |SHoot me now]

Well last nights adventure went sideways but not as bad as the Haunted Library of House J night I ranted about.

We were in house of Kundarak trying out a quest with excavations sites west south north etc…I caught a glimpse of the beholder in another area from afar..all I can say is they are much bigger in this game than what I was used to.


We didn’t have to deal with that monster yet and had no clue if this quest ended with us fighting that mob.  

We were doing very well in uncharted territory till we ran into a familiar noise.
Blackbone Arcane Mages …argh!! Thema gain!!  They really kicked our butts badly.

I don’t know what was worse ..the fact that hitting them did very little dmg or the fact they had killer spells that were super nukes.  Sleet spells and all that…argh.


Well negative xp is at 1200 at this point….we finish off the night with some positive xp  but we ended things early RL got in the way.

Some of the guildies and I made alts and  took 2 newbies through a long quest with ease …ended up picking one up in guild cause he had such a blast with us.


So something cool did happen.  When we actually have an adventure that completes Ill write about it again.  Right now its kinda a blah period being mid work week. And a second day in a row of having a particular mob mince apart our party with ease was taking its toll on my patients. 

Till the next adventure...which I hope has NO FRICKING BLACKBONES!!

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Disclaimer. [Mar. 22nd, 2006|03:03 pm]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |embarrassedembarrassed]

I type fast and alt tab a lot im at work. Typos and mispellings and very poor grammar ...expect it. =p
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