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DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph

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Pwned by Bugs [Mar. 22nd, 2006|08:19 am]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |pissed offpissed off]

Where do I begin.  The night started off doing short quests and tanking for lvl 5-6 party on my lvl 7 barbarian.  It was alright night nothing spectacular.   The guildies signed on and we grouped.  Now usually I don’t irritated so badly in a quest.  But I was purely enraged by the Haunted somethingsomething quest in House of J.


Now things seemed all ok lvl 8 medium quest.   Undead not too bad.  Dark Bones a new type of undead which I didn’t have a single weapon for.  Adamantite weapons were needed.   Well we still progressed deeper into this dungeon and it was going rough later into it.  

Death 1:  The floor crumbles and Thelkar just gets swarmed by what awaited us below.  It wasn’t pretty …mage whent SQUISH…..  Now I spun around during the chaos and steped forward but before I could stop I sliped over the ledge myself.

I didn’t last  long either.  The fall did the most damage….the BlackBone Arcane mages lightning bolted the rest of my HP.


Death 2:   Im wandering down the area past that death pit after  we clear that area.

Things seemed ok and we come to a huge stairwell type area.  Bowyn our rogue  went to scout things out.  He falls through a crack in the floor and falls pretty damn far.  Luckily he is nimble cause that fall would kill most people. Well I find my way down and we are attacked by swarms of undead.  We clear that all up and all seems well.

We wander deeper into the halls looking for a shrine.  We do find one  and then walls open up releasing several Undead…we are now weakened.  We discover a secret crypt.  So I poke my head in….A fricking  army of undead down the hall in a foggy catacomb room.  First thing I said over mic …Oh Shit!!   **Note I think I should never say OH SHIT** over mic….cause Curiousity took over the group and they poped there heads in….too late after they did….the army came charging in after us.

Then I blurted “”FUCK”” once I saw a named wraith come….constitution dmg by 10 points and I was just getting beat down by a mob.  Took a while but I died horribly.


Death 3:-5 We avoid that area next pass and move to finishing the quest.  We find a hallway unexplored past the shrine so we go down.  Next thing I hear is two walls moving and 4 Wight Priests come charging …curse,Hold,bane, Doom  all on me and im just dead meat….group wipes ….we raise at the shrine.     Several attempts in the hallway were met with trap room after trap room ambushes by some caster mobs with the defense of a Sherman tank.


Death By Bug:    Our cleric raised up at the shrine…cause of lag on the server she raised and the soulstone teleport timer triped over eachother and she was teleported as she raised back to where all the mobs were at her shard.  It was insta death.  To make the matter worse after we try all over again and reenter for the 4th time losing a shit load of XP………we make it to a room and wipe most of it…but  Thelkar Falls to the Unliving.  Our rogues doing there best to distract fall….Our cleric falls.  Here I am last man standing and droping the WIghts left and right…but to make matters worse….

Priest Wight was out of MP so it was even fight…Here I am Warforged Barbarian Adamantite Skin beast with Axe from Hells Ass.   I bug out Swinging 6 times very fast not missing not making contact…..uncanny dodge 2 is up and rage….priest swings 3 times and all 3 connect while uncanny dodge is up???  WTF 

Thanks to a bug in clipping   a Wight Priest with a Stick beat down a Warforged Barbarian in full rage dodge mode. 

You can say I ended that night cursing the Devs for the shity bugs and shity quest.
All I can say is Delera’s Tomb is WAY easyer than this medium quest we did.

I truly think if our cleric didn’t die by BUG and I Didn’t Drop by that BUG I could have droped that last wight carried my party to the shrine for some healing and MAYBE finish the quest.


That is what irritated me the most.  Not the challenge.  Losing to BUGS. OF all the MOTHER FUCKING things to fuck you up. Coding Bugs …..What the Fuck is that about god damnnit Turbine!! You motherfucking bastards.


Yes im still pissed off…and even more that now I recalled this night over the Journal entry….Ok I need a fucking Smoke now….bye for now.

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Whoo hoo Traps [Mar. 21st, 2006|11:32 am]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |indescribable]

Wow what else can I say. But Holy Shit!!! Just incase you readers unfamilliar with DND or new to DND online dont know. These god awfull traps are not imagined. There is a book of a 1000 traps out there. According to my EQ2 guildie she said that she has read that book. (she is very very lore oriented person) So its pretty amazing to see the inventiveness of tomb traps that actually existed at one point and time. Now some things are imagined...but wall traps spewing acidic ...poisonous material was not far fetched. ICE ..Lightning ok bit fantasy. But the concept of the traps planned are pretty close to whats realistic. Floor traps....to spikes...to dart traps.

Anyway in DND online I have one warning to new players. Mobs dont kill you.. Traps do. More than one occasion ive had my ass cut off steped on kicked burned stabed blown up then handed back by traps.

All to report today..no long wonderous missins last night. I just met a great guild that I helped do a long quest known as Cult of Six. Few times the Fire Nuking magese droped some of us. I didnt die till the end. Stupid Demons!!
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Guild Intro [Mar. 20th, 2006|10:15 am]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |working]

Glow fearless Queen of the Aleph Army. With her servant Thelkar at her bidding.
The Nimble Rogues Armondo and Bowyn brave souls leaping through danger to ensure the safety of there crew.
 Mecca the Dwarf is like the little engine that could tanking like a brick wall against all odds. Our most recent member is
 Odraek the cleric. Kind hearted generous and loyal friend...fine quality personality to match the Class he plays. Last but not least and surely the odd ball black sheep.
Kargan The Barbarian. Fears no traps and dumb as rocks but willing to run through any wall of monsters or traps just to kill his target.
This is the current ALEPH family of Sarlano Server.

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Test [Mar. 20th, 2006|09:26 am]
DnD Online Stormreach Guild Aleph
[mood |chipperchipper]

Test Posting
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